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Du Côté de Marcé
Ancre 1

Cooking is Marcela's domain. Local products, home cooking, vegetables from the neighbour's garden or from the Loire Valley, we favor short circuits and organic or sustainable agriculture.

The swinging dinner of host table is open on Monday with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 seats and by reservation no later than two days before.

Dinner at 7:30 p.m. in the Salamandres dining room, or on the terrace depending on the season.

Formula of the day at 27 € / 14 € child up to 12 years old.

- Tasting of Rillettes de Tours or Rillons de Touraine.

- Complete dish with local and seasonal products,

-  Green salad,

- Homemade dessert

- Loire Cheverny red or / and white wine 25 cl from Domaine du Croc du Merle / Still or sparkling mineral water / Syrup

- Coffee or infusions (silent night or hot night !)

- Digestive from the village

During the dinner, Maurice and his ukulele will sing somme french songs.

Other dining options:
If you wish to stay on site for dinner, we offer a catering formula called: 
Catering meal : It includes:

- a tasting of rillettes de Tours, or rillons de Touraine

- a complete dish cooked by Gaylord Chiquet, the village caterer. You have the choice between a fish or meat dish. I will contact you a few days before to let you know the possibilities.

- a dessert cream, like a chocolate danette, or an almond magnum

- a glass of white or red Cheverny.

- bread

This formula can be consumed inside the travellers' lounge, or in the garden depending on the weather.

€22 / €14 for a child up to 12 years old.

We can also prepare cold trays with a cold plate made up of roast pork, tabbouleh with summer vegetables, raw vegetables, a dessert cream, bread, a glass of Cheverny wine. 14€ / 10 € child up to 12 years old.

- also picnic baskets to take away with a half-baguette sandwich with butter, ham, pickles, green salad, a hard-boiled egg or a tomato, a dessert cream or yogurt or compote. 10 € / 7 € children up to 12 years old.

- Finally, a small kitchen is fitted out in the Salon des Voyageurs with fridge, hob, microwave oven to allow you to prepare or reheat your dinner. In the village, we have a baker, a butcher-delicatessen-caterer (closed Wednesday and Sunday) and a grocery-tobacco-press (closed Thursday and Sunday afternoon).

When your choice is made, please let us know if you choose the table d'hôtes or the catered meal. We need to anticipate for purchases and preparations.

Every tuesday, a Pizza truck is in the village, 50 m. from home. Good quality/Price. You can eat it in the gardin or traveller's lounge.


If you opt for a dinner at the restaurant, we can recommend our favorite tables:

- in Montlivault:

- Le Relais de la Loire, 50 meters from the house

- 02 54 56 22 50 - open Thursday to Monday

- Ezia, gourmet restaurant 1 Michelin star,

100 meters away - 02 54 20 62 30

- open Tuesday to Saturday.

- in St-Dyé sur Loire, 3 km away: Chez Walter - 02 54 33 53 08 - open in the evening from Thursday to Saturday.

- in Blois, 12 km away: les Banquettes rouges - 02 54 78 74 92 - open from Tuesday to Saturday.

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